Adventures Around the Planet

We are about you taking that dream photography adventure trip. Whether it is to be up close and personal, swimming with the gentle and giant Blue Whales, cage diving with Great White Sharks, pushing the envelope of scuba diving by diving under the ice in Antarctica or, flying a winged submersible to depths you had never thought possible.

We offer three types of programs to its customers:

  1. Photography & Diving Trips with Sharks, Whales & Dolphins from Big Animals Adventures.
  2. Photographic services: special assignments (magazine and documentary productions) and unique stock photography from Amos Nachoum’s studios.

All of our Adventures combine elements of exploration, scuba diving, st lucie site-seeing tours, snorkeling and photography with the highest regards to the preservation of the environments and the wildlife.

“Just Add Your Time – We Will Take You to an Adventure with an Edge.”

Each adventure consists of only 2 to 4 guests (except Antarctica due to its nature) in order to create the most favorable conditions in which to interact with wildlife in ‘their environment’ – up close and personal – on the water, underwater, or on the icecaps.

Meticulous planning, three decades of ocean experience, selection of prime times for engagements and intimate groups result in extraordinary encounters that are not seen anywhere else in the business of Photography & Diving Adventure Travel.

With local contacts in the field to provide up-to-date scouting reports and the use of exclusive vessels and guides, every activity is custom tailored to meet demanding professional standards.

Join Amos and experience the feel of being on a professional assignment.

“Just Add Your Time – We Will Take You to an Adventure with an Edge.”

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