Burning calories

You see, there is a tremendous difference between burning calories of carbohydrates and fats.  Most people seem to be under the impression that increasing the body’s metabolism results in fats being burned but this is one of many weight loss myths.  This is not  true as the increase of burning calories will be from carbohydrates which has little to do with ridding the body of its present level of stored body fat tissue.  In other words, speeding up the body’s metabolism is very important but is only an addition to a healthy diet program.

Increasing the body’s ability to begin burning calories is just one step towards the goal of losing weight.  For example, let us say that you have increased your metabolism through aerobic exercising and yet you have not changed your poor eating habits.  Certainly you will be burning calories at a much faster rate than per usual but the types of calories being burned will do little to rid the body of its actual fat tissue.  Take advantage of speeding up the body’s metabolism by following a healthy diet capable of burning actual body fat tissue such as the Caveman Diet, the Zone Diet and the Fat Burning Diet.

With the addition of HIIT programs New York, burning calories is a simple stress-free process.

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