Continuing a Renovation of a New Home

Front of house — faces SOUTH (on 9th street)
Check out the star-burst and the no-slope roof. House was originally built in 1898. Has some wooden logs as joists in some parts of the basement, we are talking OLD!

Side of house — faces EAST (or White Bear Lake which is just 2 houses away). From this side of the house you can see a few different types of siding used on the house. Although it all kind of looks the same, some was manufactured siding, some was wooden shingles, and some was wooden siding. There was even a couple layers of siding in some places. The sophit and fascia also consisted of many different types of materials and styles — it is as each dormer was build with completely different materials with no concern for blending the look into other areas of the house.
Back of house — faces NORTH
Previous owners installed a deck with built-in hot tub (which is below roof/trellace on deck). They also remodeled the kitchen and living room (neither of which we touched during this project — well at least not yet).
However, where all these roofs came together (just above the beyond the skylight) there as a mystery leak. In a driving rain, water would fill a light fixture in the hallway that connected Abigail’s room to the bathroom. Getting to this leak would be nearly impossible as with all these different roof systems coming together, they presented obstacle upon obstacle to traverse the attic — which was not much more than a very tight crawl space.
Check out dumpster — this is a prelude to the future… Are you ready to see what happened, after we met with our manhattan professional¬†organizer? In our wildest dreams nothing could prepare us for what was to follow…

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