Why won’t the studio give me my negatives???

I Don’t recommend asking for your negatives. True, I am trying to save you money, but do you REALLY want to risk ruining your negatives? Some fools won’t take the negatives to a PRO lab, and it gets ruined by Fred & Barney’s 60 minute photo. Some people think studios act like we are all dumb and would ruin the negatives. It’s true! You give John Q public WAY too much credit. Step ladders are required to ship with seven warning labels because John Q. Public can’t use a step ladder properly. To be safe, don’t take all your negs to the lab at once. You’ll find few studios that will part with negatives. You see, their wedding fee pays the bills with a little leftover, but most studios derive their profits from extra reprints and blowups ordered after the wedding. They don’t want to give up their profit. Besides, where are you going to get 120 sized film printed? Only pro labs do that, and they are few and far between. You could drive all over town and not find a lab capable of printing your 120 size negatives. The studio knows how to handle film properly and can print it themselves more cost effective than you can. After a year or two some studios will part with the negative for a fee. Look at it from their view: The studio just shot your wedding. They have to dodge you on the road going into work and you want them to trust you with your negatives? Next, you’re getting prints from scratched negatives, and everyone blames the studio. They have their reputation to maintain. They know who to send film to for quality processing. If you take them to an untested lab and they get ruined, it becomes what the flight crew tells you as you’re getting off the plane: Ba-Bye.

Studios Make Their Livelihood From Negatives
Studios make a profit from shooting your wedding.  But the real profit for them materializes when you order reprints, and photos for your family.  By asking them to give up the negatives, you are asking them to give up their livelihood, which is a lot for a studio struggling to stay afloat.  They have a lot of overhead to pay, such as rent, salaries, film, paper, and chemicals.  This is why many studios will not give out the negatives, and rightly so.  However, some studios might sell you your negatives in 2 years, before they purge them from their files.  The studio we used does that. I suggest that you just let the studio print all your photos the professional way, it’s a lot easier, there’s fewer headaches, and you’ll get better results.  But then again, you wouldn’t have this issue if you used a great photo booth for an Orlando party, right?

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